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Get inspired to make better contentMark Johnstone

Mark has been responsible for content that’s received over 20 million visits, 1.4 million likes and 14,000 links. Here he talks about what originally inspired him to come up with these ideas, where he looks for inspiration now and how to turn your inspiration into innovative and successful content.

Creative Campaigns: Innovation Doesn’t Have To Be ComplicatedJames Finlayson

Nothing is truly original and the most successful campaigns often aren’t the most creative. Innovation is the glue that binds creativity and execution together into something remarkable. Here James will share 6 examples of innovation in action.

An outREACH MindsetLisa Myers

A big part of outreach success is down to mindset. Not just from the individual, but also how we work together. It’s infectious. Lisa will be sharing tips on how to change your mindset and accelerate success.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Expert Outreach PanelPanel: Gisele Navarro, Pete Campbell, Bobbi Brant, James Congdon

Our expert outreachers have more than 20 years experience between them, and in this panel, they’ll be sharing their tools, processes, and real-world examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t. Expect lively discussion, actionable tips, and we’ll be taking your questions from the floor.

99 Problems but the Pitch Ain’t OneWillard Foxton

A guide on how not to approach journalists.

What studying thousands of outreach emails taught us about effective tacticsPaul May

Paul’s analysed thousands of outreach emails and in this session, will share his insights, tips and suggest new approaches to outreach based on what’s really working for people now.

Building Your Outreach MachineMike King

Machines will never do outreach better than people, but machines can help you scale your approach. Mike talks about how the application of machine learning and algorithmic-driven tools can help you get results at scale.

The business of content: Getting yes to ideas and justifying investmentKirsty Hulse

The best ideas are often the scariest, so getting sign off from clients, bosses or colleagues can be one of the biggest challenges we face when trying to create impactful content. Kirsty will discuss how to get clients to sign off on your ideas and how to create compelling business cases for your content efforts.